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In October of 2002 a vision was bestowed upon our Founder, Marian Y. Williams, to establish an organization where she and her girlfriends could perform service and empower women and children through education, purposed to benefit and uplift. They would offer developmental and spiritual support to underprivileged children,  women who find themselves in a stagnant state of existence, and women who find themselves at a fork in the road of their life. Marian shared the vision with close friends and Co-founders Loretta Walker, Evelyn Wright, and "The" late Jennifer Clemmings. These professional women stood in agreement that the time had come for them to give homage to the community in a way that was certain to fill an apparent void.

My Girlfriends Inc. (MGI) is organized according to the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code. MGI was created to serve as a resource for women who desire more from life but lack the fortitude and support to promote themselves to their rightful place of passion and purpose. MGI is an organization that is rooted in the concept of giving a hand up as opposed to a hand out. We are committed to teaching women and children how to fish so that they may effectively feed themselves and their families for the rest of their lives — versus giving them a fish and only feeding the individual for a day. MGI is established on the foundation of biblical principles. We know that faith without works is dead. Thus we are dedicated to embracing the faithful and teaching them how to strategically and skillfully plan their work, so that they may successfully work their plan.

The corporation consists of professional women and men who serve on the Board of Directors, as executive and support staff members, and as volunteers. MGI is made up of three provinces: Adult Advocacy, Adolescent Advocacy, and Youth Advocacy. Each function is dedicated to meeting the needs of the benefactors who fall within each cohort.